The Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDDRI) is an independent research institute dedicated to fostering the transition to sustainable development and prosperity for all.

IDDRI identifies the necessary conditions for the integration of sustainable development into public policies and proposes tools for their implementation. It takes action at different levels, from international cooperation to the policies of countries, cities and businesses.

IDDRI provides a platform to facilitate a transparent dialogue between all stakeholders (research and academic community, governments, civil society, private sector), while ensuring mutual learning and the relevance of its research.

Its work is structured around four thematic agendas:

  • Climate: resilient and low carbon societies
  • Biodiversity and ecosystems: identifying levers of change
  • Ocean: strengthening cooperation for the sustainable and equitable management of marine resources
  • Governance innovations for sustainable development 

As a non-profit institution acting for the common good, IDDRI makes all of its analyses and proposals available to all via its website, and shares them at conferences and seminars. IDDRI actively participates in the public policy debate, internationally and nationally.

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In 2016, the Observatoire européen des think tanks (“European observatory of think tanks”) awarded IDDRI the “think tank & transparent” label. Of the 46 certified organizations, IDDRI is ranked second in “overall performance”. This label is based on four criteria: publications, transparency, governance and communication.


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