2012 à 2016

Launched in March 2012, this European research project brings together most of the major agricultural economic modelling teams at the international level to design a set of tools for food security analyses, both at the global level (climate change, international trade) and at the local levels. The scenarios and models developed may play a key role in understanding the short- and long-term challenges for food security.

IDDRI is responsible for two tasks in this process:

  • analysing the possible roles the European Union could play in the global governance of food security;
  • analysing the impacts of national food security strategies and policies.

Duration: 2012- 2016

Partners: LEI-Wageningen, INRA, CIRAD, PBL, IIASA, IFPRI, Centre for Chinese Agricultural Policy, Center for Development Research (ZEF-UBO), KUL, IAE, IHEID, JRC, UROMA3, EEPRI, EMBRAPA, IDDRI


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