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From the EU crises towards a resilient green economy


The objective of the “From the EU crises towards a resilient green economy” project is to provide sound and innovative research on the potential for the “green economy” to contribute to the policy response to the crises, and to feed this into the various political decision-making processes. The final objective is to place well-designed “green economy” solutions (fiscal reform, green investment, innovation, etc) at the centre of the European crises response.

The research will address topics such as:

  • What are the economic risks of Business as Usual? Do environmental constraints play a role in the crises?
  • What is the potential contribution of environmental fiscal reform to job creation and growth, in the context of labour market reforms and concerns about labour costs?
  • What is the potential role of green investments to stimulate local growth, and what instruments could be used to raise investment and share costs?
  • What is the importance of green innovation to competitiveness and prosperity, and what policies are necessary to increase innovative capacities across Europe?