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* INVALUABLE, projet sur les instruments de marché pour la conservation de la biodiversité / project on market-based instruments in the context of biodiversity conservation

Biodiversity policies

IDDRI’s Biodiversity policies programme proposes guidelines for action to ensure better cohabitation between humans and other species in the different ecosystems of which they are all a part. It is aimed at governments and local authorities, companies, NGOs and research organisations.

The programme is structured around four focal areas:

1 – Globalisation and biodiversity

Describing the globalisation of trade in goods that have the greatest influence on the state of biodiversity, understanding the interplay between stakeholders in these sectors, and producing recommendations for action. The programme aims to propose guidelines on the regulations and instruments suited to these contexts, the most appropriate corporate policies in these environments, and the means of action for civil society that take account of the changes underway in globalised sectors and their markets.

2 – Local biodiversity policies

Understanding what a “local” biodiversity policy really is, and comparing it with the political framework: who does what either for or against nature in a given territory, which are the determinants and actions that have the greatest influence, and how are these addressed by the laws, instruments and institutions dedicated to biodiversity conservation? The programme aims to contribute to discussions on private sector involvement, the effectiveness of “market-based” instruments, financing and the future evolution of biodiversity policies.

3 – Research strategies

Studying the way in which science and expertise are mobilised for nature policies. The programme aims in particular to understand the choices made in terms of the use of science, and to propose guidelines on research strategies that will lead to action in favour of biodiversity.

4 – Global governance for nature

Contributing to research on the global governance of biodiversity, using the findings of the three previous focal areas to inform this research, and comparing the Convention on Biological Diversity with the experience of other environmental governance frameworks (climate, oceans and sustainable development, in particular).