Projets / Projects

* INVALUABLE, projet sur les instruments de marché pour la conservation de la biodiversité / project on market-based instruments in the context of biodiversity conservation

Biodiversity and natural resources

Research conducted in recent years highlights the role biodiversity plays in human wellbeing. Its loss has many negative effects in terms of food security, vulnerability to climate change, energy security, access to water and to critical raw materials, and the development of recreational activities. This reality is translated by the concept of “ecosystem services”, which include water treatment and recycling, the conservation of productive land, resistance to invasive pests, plant pollination, the reproduction of fish stocks and climate regulation, among others. However, the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (2005) showed that almost all ecosystems have already been modified, often drastically, by human activities, and that many continue to be altered or degraded. Thus, biodiversity loss has been faster over the last 50 years than at any other time in human history, and is showing no signs of slowing down.

IDDRI’s biodiversity programme was substantially reoriented around four major themes in order to ensure better coverage of the international agenda, while retaining sufficient distance from current affairs to be able to conduct in-depth analyses on several key subjects: