Climate: resilient and low carbon societies

Understanding climate change issues and the nature of the responses required has evolved considerably in recent years, particularly as a result of scientific advances. It is now clear that massive changes are needed within three to four decades to move towards a decarbonized economy and help world population prepare to deal with a more challenging environment.

However, there remains a large gap between the actual pace of change and the necessary level of ambition. Domestic implementation may be hindered by the fear of not being able to reconcile climate policies with economic and social priorities, and all of us must also be convinced that we are part of a global and inevitable movement.

IDDRI seeks to create the conditions for an ambitious and fair response to the challenges of climate change. To do so it intervenes both at the scale of international climate governance and also that of the implementation of the transition at the level of the sectors and territories, so that one informs the other and vice versa. In terms of international governance, its capacities are oriented towards the interactions between science and policy and the operationalization of the Paris Agreement in the broad sense. Regarding the implementation of the transition, IDDRI focuses on the political economy of the transformations to be carried out in the major economic structures, and supports the search for collective solutions in the region in which it is located: the European Union.

Current projects