10/09/2019 l JAPAN TODAY (Japan)
Should the international community protect the Amazon?

07/09/2019 l HINDUSTANTIMES (India)
Should the international community protect the Amazon rainforest?

06/09/2019 LA PRENSA (Peru)
¿Cómo proteger los espacios considerados vitales para la humanidad? (How can we protect the spaces considered vital for humanity?) 

05/09/2019 l UOL NOTICIAS (Brazil)
Amazônia: como a Humanidade pode proteger seus 'espaços vitais'... (Amazon: how humanity can protect its 'vital spaces)

05/09/2019 l AMBITO (Argentina) 
La crisis en la Amazonia abre el debate sobre cómo proteger espacios vitales (The crisis in the Amazon opens the debate on how to protect living spaces)

05/09/2019 l EL OBSERVADOR (Uruguay) 
Arde la Amazonia: Hasta dónde se puede ir para evitar daños ambientales (The Amazon Burns: How Far Can You Go to Avoid Environmental Damage?)

05/09/2019 l EL UNIVERSO (Ecuador)
Seis países latinos se reunirán en cumbre para proteger espacios vitales para la humanidad (Six Latin American countries to meet at summit to protect vital spaces for humanity)

6/09/2019 l MYGREENPOD / The Guardian (UK)
Restoration through an organic revolution (TYFA)

04/09/2019 l EURACTIV 
International negotiations to protect the high seas advancing at ‘snail’s pace’with Klaudija Cremers

01/09/2019 l 24TV (UKRAINE)
Чи справді веганська їжа врятує планету?with Pierre-Marie Aubert (Do vegans have a planet to live on ?)


30/08/2019 l SCIENMAG (UK)
New UN high-seas treaty must close gaps in biodiversity governance
30/08/2019 l EUREKALERT (US)
New UN high-seas treaty must close gaps in biodiversity governance
To protect endangered marine life, UN biodiversity treaty must include expanded protection for marine species

27/08/2019 l NEWS.RU (RUSSIA)
Действительно ли веганская еда полезна для планеты?
Is vegan diet good for the planet ? 

Olio di palma e cacao della Nutella: gli impegni millimetrici di Ferrero, with Frédéric Amiel
Palm oil and cocoa from Nutella: Ferrero's millimetre commitments

26/08/2019 l ECOPORTAL (SPAIN)
ONU: Debemos modificar nuestra dieta, para salvar el planeta
UN: We must change our diet to save the planet

22/08/2019 l E&E NEWS (U.S.)
How world leaders have dealt with Trump's Paris withdrawal with Sébastien Treyer

Nine solutions to the food-forests-fuel trilemma with Pierre-Marie Aubert

08/08/2019 l VICE
UN Says Humans Must Transform Our Diets and Land Use to Save the Planet

07/08/2019 l KNACK (Belgium)
'Verdwijnen van natuur gaat niet enkel over dieren en planten. Het is onze eigen toekomst die op het spel staat' (The disappearing nature is not only about animals and plants. It is our own future that is at stake)

02/08/2019 l CLIMATE HOME NEWS (UK)
Nine solutions to the food-forests-fuel trilemma, with Pierre-Marie Aubert 

01/08/2019 l VIET-BAO (VIETNAM)
Du Lịch Tàn Phá Môi Trường Của Vịnh Hạ Long 
Le tourisme détruit l'environnement dans la baie d'Ha Long


26/07/2019 CTV NEWS
Record-breaking heatwave grips Europe, with Lola Vallejo

La compleja tarea de Von der Leyen para introducir un arancel al carbono

19/07/2019 ENERGY POST 
NDC reporting: making the Paris Agreement Transparency Framework work, with Alexandra Deprez

18/07/2019 ARA.CAT (Spain)
Descarbonitzar la societat per evitar el col·lapse climàtic, with Marta Torres-Gunfaus

22/07/2019 EURACTIV (Greece)
Η Von der Leyen εμπνέεται από τη Γαλλία για την προστασία του κλίματος

22/07/2019 SOFOKLEOUS10 (Greece)
Η Von der Leyen εμπνέεται από τη Γαλλία για την προστασία του κλίματος 

22/07/2019 EURACTIV
Von der Leyen’s French inspiration on climate protection with Nicolas Berghmans

Von der Leyen greift Frankreichs Klima-Ideen auf

19/07/2019 l TIMES.HINET (Taïwan)
外流聯合國科學報告 揭露生質能與糧食衝突

19/07/2019 l LINE TODAY (Taïwan)
外流聯合國科學報告 揭露生質能與糧食衝突

19/07/2019 l E-INFO (Taïwan)
外流聯合國科學報告 揭露生質能與糧食衝突
(UN scientific report reveals conflicts between biomass and food)

19/07/2019 l EURACTIV (Germany)
Von der Leyen greift Frankreichs Ideen in der Klimapolitik auf
(Von der Leyen picks up on French climate policy ideas)

19/07/2019 l ENERGY POST 
NDC reporting: making the Paris Agreement Transparency Framework work, written by Alexandra Deprez

18/07/2019 l ARA.CAT (SPAIN - in catalan)
Descarbonitzar la societat per evitar el col·lapse climàtic, with Marta Torres-Gunfaus

18/07/2019 l GRAFFIO TECH (Italy)
Ursula von der Leyen è stata confermata presidente della Commissione europea

17/07/2019 l CLIMATE HOME NEWS
Leaked UN science report warns of clash between bioenergy and food

17/07/2019 l EURACTIV (Spain)
Von der Leyen, "bajo el microscopio" de los activistas medioambientales 
(Von der Leyen, "under the microscope" of environmental activists)

17/07/2019 l RINNOVABILI  (Italy)
Clima: le promesse di Von der Leyen, nuova Presidente della Commissione europea
(Climate: promises by Von der Leyen, new President of the European Commission)

16/07/2019 l CLIMATE HOME NEWS
Climate a ‘signature issue’ as Ursula von der Leyen anointed EU chief, with Lola Vallejo

16/07/2019 l CLIMATE HOME NEWS
Non-Green MEPs largely ignore climate on Twitter

13/07/2019 l LE MAURICIEN
Le scénario du pire (The worst-case scenario), with Henri Waisman

12/07/2019 l CLIMATE HOME NEWS
How Trump’s climate U-turn exposed the limits of European power, with Lola Vallejo

06/07/2019 l RADIO4 RTVE (Catalonia – Spain)
Comment répondre à la crise climatique ? with Marta Torres-Gunfau, invited in the show « Mon Possible” (in Catalan), from 31'30"

05/07/2019 l F24 (in English)
How could Brexit impact the environment? with Lola Vallejo


20/06/2019 l SCIENMAG
Achieving a healthy ocean - Regional ocean governance beyond 2020

20/06/2019 l VIVAFRIK (Senegal)
Verdir le tourisme bleu : la nécessaire transition vers un tourisme côtier et maritime durable pour protéger nos océans et le climat 
(Greening blue tourism: the necessary transition to sustainable coastal and maritime tourism to protect our oceans and climate)

20/06/2019 l RTS (Switzerland)
Cartographier le tourisme marin pour le rendre durable 
(Mapping marine tourism to make it sustainable)

Rhug highlights the difference that organic farming can make

13/06/2019 l URBAN FOOD FUTURES (France)
Why do we keep losing agricultural land to the city?

13/06/2019 l CORPORATE KNIGHTS (Canada)
Greening the concrete jungle with Chris Bataille

06/06/2019 l UDN (Taïwan)
如何深度減碳 中研院籲推氣候變遷法 
(Taïwan urged to draft deep decarbonization policy for climate change)

05/06/2019 l DAILY HERALD (USA)
Deep cuts in Northwest carbon emissions achievable and affordable


28/05/2019 l UOL NOTICIAS (Brazil)
Após sucesso nas eleições europeias, Verdes devem decidir coalizões (After success in European elections, Greens must decide on coalitions) with Sébastien Treyer

27/05/2019 l AFP via L'OBS
Après leur percée aux européennes, les Verts à l'heure des choix (After success in European elections, Greens must decide on coalitions) with Sébastien Treyer 

27/05/2019 l OF WEEK PUBLIC PLATFORM (China)
(Natural gas and climate commitments, two irreconcilable factors?)

24/05/2019 l REN MAT (Norway)
Den grønne revolusjon 2.0
(The green revolution 2.0)

23/05/2019 l RENEW ECONOMY (Australia)
Stakes for energy and climate policy are high in EU elections

23/05/2019 l ENERGY POST
EU Elections: stakes are high for energy and climate policy

23/05/2019 l RINNOVABILI (Italia)
Agroecologia e sostenibilità, chiavi per la salute del pianeta
(Agroecology and durability, being the sole source of planning)

20/05/2019 l THE CLEAN ENERGY WIRE (Germany)
The stakes for energy and climate policy are high in EU elections with Nicolas Berghmans

20/05/2019 l THE SCOTSMAN (UK)
Why climate change does not mean we should give up meat entirely

18/05/2019 l ZAIKEI NEWS (Japan)
(Making America carbon neutral could cost $1 trillion a year)

18/05/2019 l GQ (Brazil) 
Com a ideia de “imitar a natureza”, agroflorestas trazem novo olhar sobre a sustentabilidade
(With the idea of imitating nature, agroforests bring a new perspective on sustainability)

16/05/2019 l BUZZFEED (USA)
Italy’s climate change–skeptic government wants to host the UN’s flagship climate change conference with Lola Vallejo

13/05/2019 l BLOOMBERG (USA)
Making America carbon neutral could cost $1 trillion a year also via Latest Nigerian News

09/05/2019 l SDG KNOWLEDGE HUB
Biodiversity Update

09/05/2019 l BAOMOI (Vietnam)
Trái đất đối mặt với tuyệt chủng nếu càng nóng lên và biến đổi khí hậu gia tăng: Nhiệt độ tăng - gần hơn nguy cơ tuyệt chủng
(The Earth is at risk of extinction if it warms up and climate change increases: the temperature increases - a closer risk of extinction)

08/05/2019 l CGTN (China)
Video of Aleksandar Rankovic invited to the launch of the UN report on biodiversity protection

08/05/2019 l MT.CO (South Korea)
20년간 한국땅 10배 정글 사라져…"인간 1종이 100만종 위협 
(Man threatens a million species)

08/05/2019 l RAHENOU (Iran)
گزارش مهم سازمان ملل: یک میلیون گونه جانوری در آستانه

08/05/2019 l NOVOSTI (Russia)
Шокуючий звiт ООН: людина знищує планету досi небаченими темпами
(Shocking report from the UN : men are destroying the planet at an unprecedented rhythm)

06/05/2019 l LE MONDE
Biodiversité : « La priorité est de réduire la part des produits animaux dans l’alimentation »
(Biodiversity: "The priority is to reduce the proportion of animal products in the diet" ) interview of Yann Laurans

06/05/2019 l BBC (UK)
Nature crisis: Humans 'threaten 1m species with extinction'

05/05/2019 l ECO 21 (Brazil)
O colapso global de insetos deve acelerar
(The global collapse of insects is expected to accelerate) by Aleksandar Rankovic

1 milhão de espécies ameaçadas: o que diz preocupante relatório da ONU sobre impacto humano
(1 million endangered species: what says worrying UN report on human impact)

05/05/2019 l TV5 MONDE – RFI
Yann Laurans invited to "Internationales" on the Global Assessment on Biodiversity - IPBES


28/04/2019 l AFP via L'OBS
Biodiversité: la France ambitieuse à défaut d'être forcément exemplaire
(Biodiversity: France is ambitious if not necessarily exemplary)

28/04/2019 l RFI (Cambodia)
បារាំងចេញមុខ​ដឹកនាំ​សន្និសីទ​ពិភពលោក​ស្តីពី​ជីវចម្រុះ ទាំងខ្លួន​ត្រូវ​គេ​រិះគន់​ក្នុង​វិស័យ​នេះ
(The French, leading a global conference on biodiversity, has been criticized)

25/04/2019 l HORT NEWS (UK)
Is agro-ecological farming carbon neutral?

20/04/2019 l SOUTH WEST FARMER (UK)
Agroecological farming can help to keep global warming below 2°C, says new report

20/04/2019 l SMALLHORDER (UK)
Agroecological farming can help to keep global warming below 2°C, says new report

19/04/2019 l LE MONDE
Nourrir l’Europe sans pesticides, un objectif réaliste
(Feeding Europe without pesticides, a realistic objective)

18/04/2019 l PALO (Greece)
Αλλαγή καθεστώτος για την τροφοδότηση της Ευρώπης το 2050- Της Ειρήνης Αιμονιώτη.
(Change of diet for the supply of Europe in 2050)

IFOAM EU welcomes "ground-breaking" study on the climate change mitigation potential of switching too organic

17/04/2019 l ENERGYPOST (UK)
Less politically centralised, can the EU remain a transition leader?

Study: Nature-friendly farming can help to keep global warming below 2°C - Agroecology can mitigate climate change

16/04/2019 l ROMANIA TV (Romania)
Studiu: mai multe pajişti şi eliminarea îngrăşămintelor chimice ar reuşi să hrănească în mod durabil 53 de milioane de locuitori (Study: More grass land and the elimination of chemical fertilizers would be able to feed 53 million people in a sustainable way)

16/04/2019 l AFP via LE FIGARO
De la prairie et moins d’élevage intensif pour nourrir l’Europe en 2050
(Grassland and less intensive livestock farming to feed Europe in 2050)

Hoja de ruta para abordar el cambio climático y lograr el desarrollo sostenible
(Roadmap to address climate change and achieve sustainable development)

12/04/2019 l SINCHEW (China)
(Standing on the world stage to talk about nature. 24 leaders fight climate change)

12/04/3019 l CLEAN TECHNICA via THE BEAM (USA)
How to feed 530 million Europeans with sustainable food by 2050

08/04/2019 l KAIETEURS NEWS (Guyana)
With first oil months away… EPA Legislative review yet to start

If sugar is killing us, why does Britain farm so much of it?

05/03/2019 l THE INDEPENDENT (UK)
The British farmers producing top quality food and taking on intensive farming – and veganism

04/04/2019 l SOHU (China)
(Whether Kunming can save the earth's biodiversity, there are so many ways behind it)


26/03/2019 l LE MONDE
A quoi ressemblerait la vie en 2050 dans une France neutre en carbone
(What would life in a carbon neutral country look like in 2050?) with Lola Vallejo

24/03/2019 l FARMERS WEEKLY (UK)
Opinion: Singing the praises of grass-fed livestock

23/03/2019 l MAR DEL PLATA UNIVERSITY RADIO (Argentina)
Interview of Sébastien Treyer about agroecology with Silvana Bujan, in ECOS

21/03/2019 l LE MONDE
Taxe carbone et justice fiscale : comment les réconcilier ?
(Carbon tax and tax justice: how to reconcile them?)

21/03/2019 l POSITIVE NEWS (UK)
Europe could turn to green agriculture and still feed the continent - Study

21/03/2019 l ARCHY WORLDYS
Carbon tax and tax justice: how to reconcile them?

19/03/2019 l SONNENSEITE (Germany)
Nur gemeinsam können Frankreich und Deutschland ihre jeweiligen Energiewenden zum Erfolg führen
(Only together can France and Germany lead their respective energy turns to success)

14/03/2019 l DEUTSCHLANDFUNK (Germany)
Verbindlichkeit im Klimaschutz with Elisabeth Hege
(Commitment to climate protection)

14/03/2019 l LE MONDE
Des jeunes du monde entier en grève scolaire pour rappeler l’urgence climatique
(Young people from all over the world on school strikes to remind us of the climate emergency) with Sébastien Treyer

13/03/2019 l ENERNEWS
Transición energética: la importancia para AIE. Los desafíos de Argentina with Lola Vallejo
(Energy transition: the importance for IEA. Argentina's challenges)

13/03/2019 l LE MONDE
L’artificialisation des sols progresse, même sans pression démographique
(Land take is increasing, even without demographic pressure)

13/03/2019 l AFP via dhnet.be
Pourquoi les jeunes du monde entier seront-ils dans les rues ce vendredi ?
(Why will young people from all over the world be on the streets this Friday?)

09/03/2019 l LE MONDE
Maisons individuelles : quand l’urbanisme échoue à enrayer le rêve pavillonnaire
(Individual houses: when urban planning fails to stop the pavilion dream)

09/03/2019 l ARCHY WORLDYS
A house for everyone? How urbanism did not manage to overcome the suburban dream

08/03/2019 l THE ECOLOGIST (UK)
25 female climate leaders shaping 2019

08/03/2019 l ENERGYPOST
The race to phase-out coal: a nation-by-nation review 

05/03/2019 l UN ENVIRONMENT
Business unusual: Roast veg and Yorkshire pudding

05/03/2019 l AFP via LE POINT
Véhicule autonome : gare à l'impact environnemental !
(Autonomous vehicle: beware of environmental impact!)

04/03/2019 l DOLCITALIA (Italy)
FederBio segnala lo studio IDDRI: agroecologia e biologico potrebbero nutrire l’intera Europa entro il 2050
(FederBio reports on the IDDRI study: agroecology and organic farming could feed the whole of Europe by 2050)

03/03/2019 l FIN 24 (South Africa)
Eskom tariffs increased by 300% in last 10 years, says expert with Oliver Sartor

02/03/2019 l LE MONDE
Pourquoi le monde est toujours accro au charbon
(Why the world is still addicted to coal)

02/03/2019 l LE MONDE
L’Australie se déchire sur la réduction de son empreinte carbone
(Australia is tearing itself apart over the reduction of its carbon footprint)

01/03/2019 l NATIONEN (Norway)
Insektdøden kan stoppes
(Insect death can be stopped)


28/02/2019 l E&E NEWS (USA) (Jean Chemnick avec David)
Green climate fund: U.N. vet takes helm as fundraising kicks into high gear

28/02/2019 l IL MANIFESTO (Italy)
Biodiversité : derniers ultimatums de la recherche (Biodiversity: the latest research ultimatums)

26/02/2019 l DUURZAAM NIEUWS (Netherlands)
Duurzame landbouw kan heel Europa voeden (Sustainable agriculture can feed the whole of Europe)

26/02/2019 l MYGREENPOD (UK)
New research shows an organically farmed Europe can feed a growing population a healthy diet

24/02/2019 l FRANCE CULTURE
Sébastien Treyer invité du magazine de l’environnement « De cause à effets » avec Aurélie Luneau
(Sébastien Treyer guest of the environmental magazine "De cause à effets" with Aurélie Luneau)

23/02/2019 l WORLD JOURNAL (CHINE)
歐洲智庫:淘汰農藥採有機農耕 也夠養活全歐洲人
(European think tank: Eliminating pesticides and harvesting organic farming is enough to feed all Europeans)

22/02/2019 l SPECIALITY FOOD (USA)
Europe could feed itself with environmentally-friendly practices

23/02/2019 l EL DIARIO (Spain)
Antes de que el clima se nos haga bola
(Before the weather hits us)

21/02/2019 l iPOLITICS (Canada)
A new report says Europe would still be able to feed its growing population even if all farmers adopted environmentally friendly approaches

21/02/2019 l QUOTIDIANO (Italy)
L'agricoltura green contro la fame nel mondo
(Green agriculture against world hunger)

21/02/2019 l THE BEAM MAGAZINE
How to feed 530 million Europeans with sustainable food by 2050

21/02/2019 l TMSS MAGAZINE (Bangladesh)
European farms might well perhaps grow green and still be able to feed population

20/02/2019 l THE GUARDIAN
European farms could grow green and still be able to feed population

15/02/2019 l LE MONDE
« Affaire du siècle » : l’Etat répond aux ONG qui l’attaquent pour « inaction climatique »
("Affaire du siècle": the State responds to NGOs that attack it for "climate inaction")

14/02/2019 l ARCHYWORLDYS
Carbon neutrality or four-point division: what is the most ambitious goal ?

14/02/2019 l LA TRIBUNE
Facteur 4 ou neutralité carbone : quel est l'objectif le plus ambitieux ?
Factor 4 or carbon neutrality: what is the most ambitious goal?

12/02/2019 l SDG KNOWLEDGE HUB
European Parliament Assesses SDG Governance Arrangements at EU, Country Levels

10/02/2019 l GLOBALNYT (Denmark)
EU-Kommissionen peger på tre veje til at opfylde FN's verdensmål i 2030
(The EU Commission points to three ways to meet the UN World Goals in 2030)

France tables 2050 carbon-neutral

07/02/2019 l VANGUARD (Nigeria)
French Embassy’s Night of Ideas explores gender, migration issues across Africa


21/01/2019 l EURACTIV.DE (GERMANY)
Neuer Élysée-Vertrag ohne Bekenntnis zu CO2-Preisen with Nicolas Berghmans
(New Elysée Treaty without commitment to carbon prices)

17/01/2019 l VOX
Here’s one fight the Green New Deal should avoid for now

16/01/2019 l LIBÉRATION
«En Pologne, le secteur du charbon souffre depuis longtemps»
(In Poland, the coal sector has been suffering for a long time) with Oliver Sartor

08/01/2019 l AE (SPAIN)
Hacia un sistema alimentario sostenible en el estado español with Xavier Poux
(Towards a sustainable food system in Spain)

07/01/2019 l ARCHY NEWS NETY
Can fair trade sustainably improve the lives of producers in the South? with Frédéric Amiel

04/01/2019 l FRANCE24 - Down to Earth
Can we afford to suck carbon dioxide out of the air? with Lola Vallejo