Farmers’ Protests

The French International Agricultural Fair, a strong tradition of linking farmers and the public, is being held in Paris from 24 February to 3 March, against a backdrop of continuing strong mobilisation by farmers. IDDRI is heavily involved in this special event for France, with ad hoc analyses and insights, a strong presence in the media, and all the relevance of the long-term work of its experts in agricultural and food issues. You can find all this content here.

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Key figure

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This is the increase in imports and exports in trade between France and third countries between 2000 and 2022, showing the effect of the liberalisation of agricultural trade in both directions.

Hot topics

European States of Mind

Before our next blog post, to be published on Thursday, we invite you to (re)read all the publications from our editorial project “European States of Mind—Reinventing the deal”. In the run-up to the European elections in June 2024, this project highlights the ideas of European thinkers (politicians, think tanks, academics) in about 15 Member States in the form of blog posts.

High Seas

The International Treaty for the Protection of the High Seas and Marine Biodiversity, adopted in June 2023 by the international community at the United Nations, is beginning its ratification process in various countries. In this context, two IDDRI experts are being heard by the French Parliament.
On February 29, Klaudija Cremers is heard by the French Senate's "Assessment of Scientific and Technological Choices Parliamentary Office'', and on March 6, Julien Rochette is heard by Jimmy Pahun, French MP and rapporteur for the bill authorising ratification of the treaty.

Fossil Fuels

How can Europe break its dependence on fossil fuels?
Sébastien Treyer participates on February 27 in this conference organised by Le Grand Continent.


A safe agricultural space for biodiversity

This scientific paper published in Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems argues that, to achieve an effective conservation of biodiversity (both natural and agricultural), the combined multivariate effects of agriculture on biodiversity must be accounted for, including its surface area as well as its management. By Diego García-Vega, occasional contributor to IDDRI.

IDDRI in the media

Read articles from the French and international press mentioning IDDRI researchers.

22 FEV
Libre-échange : le Mercosur contre les agriculteurs ? avec Aurélie Catallo
16 FEV
La souveraineté alimentaire, une notion politique dont la définition fait débat - avec Aurélie Catallo
Baisse des émissions de CO2 : l'agriculture dans le flou - avec Nicolas Berghmans



European agriculture

On 27 February, Pierre-Marie Aubert took part in a TV Agri programme broadcast live from the French International Agricultural Fair, alongside Christiane Lambert, former President of the FNSEA and current President of Europe's leading farmers' union. [Content in French]