The conference will be public and recorded. Simultaneous French-English interpretation will be available en Zoom. If you cannot log in to Zoom, this event will also be streamed live on YouTube (via this event page), where you will be able to ask questions. For technical reasons, simultaneous translation will only be available on Zoom. 

South and Southeast Asian countries are very rich in biodiversity and face many challenges, particularly in terms of conservation of tropical forests. While the Covid-19 crisis has slowed down international discussions to prepare for biodiversity COP15, which will now be held in 2021 in China, and also questions global supply chains that play a key role for a number of export economies in the region, it is now essential to pursue opportunities for dialogue with the countries of the region, in
particular to better identify their ambition and expectations of COP15. This webinar will bring together representatives and / or experts from the region.

The presence of Basile van Havre will ensure the link between the discussions and the COP15 preparation process. The discussion will be moderated by Aleksandar Rankovic, from IDDRI.

The discussion will be organised in three steps:

  • What are the biodiversity challenges in the different countries, especially in the context of post-Covid-19 recovery?
  • What are the expectations vis-à-vis COP15, how to define the ambition seen from different countries?
  • What are the needs identified in terms of international cooperation, both in multilateral fora and bilateral discussions (for instance trade) on the road to COP15 and for the next decade?


  • Dr. Vinod B. Mathur, Chairperson, National Biodiversity Authority (India)
  • Dr. Suneetha Mazhenchery Subramanian, Senior Research Fellow, UNU-IAS
  • Dr. Theresa Mundita Lim, Executive Director, ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity
  • Basile van Havre – Co-chair of the CBD Open-Ended Working Group (OEWG) of the CBD
  • Moderation: Aleksandar Rankovic, Coordinator of the Post-2020 International Biodiversity Governance initiative, IDDRI