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French and international research network on the sharing economy

In order to move beyond promises and to ensure digital technologies are used to foster sustainable development, IDDRI has set up a French and international research network on the sharing economy—the partners1  of the PICO project, for example, organised an international academic conference in Paris, bringing together more than 150 researchers (January 2016)—and has rallied the different stakeholders around several thematic projects: ex- change of goods, shared mobility and citizen participation.

This research has particularly highlighted the need to establish a frame- work for dialogue between innovative authorities and companies in order to identify experiments that truly use digital technologies for sustainabili- ty, for example by reinventing public services. It has also fostered a better understanding of digital issues among public authorities at the French and European levels. 

The findings of this research were included in the report by Pascal Terrasse on the development of the sharing economy, as well as in the European Commission’s analysis document on its European agenda for the collaborative economy, which has since launched a further study on the environmental impact of this new economy.

Publications and Sustainable Development 2.0 conference

This consolidation of the dialogue between actors was shared with the public during a conference organised to mark the release of a number of IDDRI publications (Conference "Sustainable Development 2.0 - Can digital technologies fuel the ecological transition?" in June).

Laurence Monnoyer-Smith, commissioner-general for sustainable development, and Benoît Thieulin, member of the French Digital Council, at the conference organized by IDDRI on 23 June 2016, at Sciences Po, Paris.

Researchers, entrepreneurs (Renaud Attal, co-founder of Co-recyclage; Alexandre Bol, co-founder of Koolicar), local authorities (Yvan Martinod, carpooling project manager for the Isère depart- mental council; Jean-Louis Missika, urban planning councillor at Paris City Hall) and national authorities (Laurence Monnoyer-Smith, general commissioner for sustainable development, Benoît Thieulin, member of French Digital Council) had the opportunity to interact at the conference.







This diversity of actors was also reflected in the media covering IDDRI’s proposals, intended for not only the local authorities but also for economic actors.



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  • 1IDDRI, University of Paris Sud, ESCP Europe, University of Paris-Dauphine, OuiShare, CNIID – Zero Waste France.