The conference “Sustainable development: it’s time!” took place over two days in May 2016, immediately following COP21. The conference, organised with the help of a consultative committee comprised of lea- ding figures, brought together 150 high-level participants from interna- tional organisations, governments, authorities, companies, research centres and think tanks. These leaders met with the goal of taking stock of the international commitments made in 2015, identifying new challenges and coordinating their actions.

Erik Solheim and Michel Colombier
Erik Solheim, UNEP's executive director, and Michel Colombier, IDDRI’s scientific director, at the Conference “Sustainable development: It’s time!”.



speakers of 25 different nationalities

A combination of plenary conferences and 14 dialogue sessions allowed for a range of discussions to take place, focusing on three key areas: the monitoring of commitments made; the need for convergence between investment real- location and economic and social accompanying policies ; and solidarity challenges linked to current and future socio-environmental vulnerabilities, which call for a response from the international community.

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This conference was also the op- portunity to celebrate IDDRI’s 15th birthday, with a number of key figures from the history of the institute, including Jean Jouzel, Pre- sident, Frédéric Mion, Director of Sciences Po, Claude Nahon, Director of Development at EDF and adminis- trator of the founding members, and Laurence Tubiana, co-founder.

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