IDDRI’s Board met yesterday and appointed Sébastien Treyer as the institute’s Executive Director.
He was selected out of 97 applications, having gone through an open and independent recruitment process led by a Search Committee composed of members of IDDRI’s governance bodies.

Sébastien Treyer is the current Director of Programmes at IDDRI, which he joined 9 years ago.

For Jean Jouzel, IDDRI’s Chair, "Sébastien Treyer has the capacity to ensure the development of IDDRI in a rapidly changing world. The Board unanimously approved the proposal of the Search Committee”.
Lucien Chabason, interim Director since IDDRI’s former director Teresa Ribera was appointed Minister for Ecological Transition in Spain 7 months ago, points out that "IDDRI's expertise is internationally recognized. The institute will have an important role to play at a time when many countries are struggling to take their first step into transition”.
For Sébastien Treyer, "The next period for IDDRI will be both critical for its consolidation, building on its credibility and legitimacy as one of the leading European and international think tanks on sustainable development, and for its transformation, in order to play an always more strategic and salient role in critical and politically challenging times. Sustainable development is at the heart of national and international political tensions. We need to reach far beyond a discussion on policy instruments, to debate for instance political visions underlying globalization”.
He will take office on January 2nd, 2019.


Sébastien Treyer is a graduate from Ecole Polytechnique and AgroParisTech, and holds a PhD in environment studies. He is a specialist in foresight for public policies and international negotiations on sustainable development. A civil servant of the French ministries of Agriculture and Environment, he has been in charge of foresight at the French ministry for the Environment, and has also coordinated the Agrimonde Foresight exercise (How to feed the world in 2050?), before joining IDDRI as Director of programmes in 2010. He has played an active role at the interface between science and policy and in scientific programming for the European Commission, the French National Research Agency as well as for regional scale administrations such as the Seine Normandy Water Agency. He is currently Chairman of the Scientific and Technical Committee of the French Global Environment Facility (FFEM) and a member of the Lead Faculty of the Earth System Governance Network.
Sébastien Treyer speaks French, English, German, Spanish and Arabic.