Hilton Trollip (MSc-Elec-Eng, Wits 1983) is an international, national and local economic, energy, and industrial systems, and emissions mitigation expert with forty-five years’ experience with expertise in techno economic, management, institutional, regulatory, policy and legal analysis, design, innovation, development and implementation in a wide variety of settings. 
His roles have ranged from engineering design and implementation of cutting edge technology, small and large team in-house and multi-institutional management, and a director of small to very large (multi Billion ZAR) organisations in the private, state, academic and non-governmental sectors. He has played a leading role in developing South African and other SADC country energy and climate policies, was director of the UCT Energy Studies post graduate programme and regularly publishes research and academic work.

He is a Research Fellow in the Global Risk Governance programme (UCT Public Law Department), Associate Researcher at UCT Energy Systems Research Group and an Associate Researcher at IDDRI.org. Hilton’s professional mission is to promote and develop scientific rigor to develop innovative interventions in economic development and climate policy.