Julien Rochette heads the programmes Ocean and International biodiversity governance. He provides legal and technical assistance to international, regional and national organisations, particularly in the fields of ocean governance, law of the sea and international marine environmental law.

His recent activities focus on the governance of marine biodiversity in areas beyond national jurisdiction, the management of extractive activities, sustainable tourism, and the integration of marine issues into other regulatory frameworks (e.g. CBD, UNFCCC).

Julien has been working both at the global and regional levels, especially in the Mediterranean, the Pacific, Western Africa and the Western Indian Ocean.
He is a member of several expert groups (e.g. scientific and technical committee of the French Facility for Global Environment, expert group of the high-level panel for a sustainable ocean economy) and teaches regularly at French universities (Sciences po, Paris V, Nantes).
Julien holds a doctorate in public law (University of Nantes) and public international law (University of Milan) and joined Iddri in September 2007.