Patrick CRIQUI (HEC-75) is a senior researcher at CNRS, working on the economics of energy transition and climate policies in the Grenoble Applied Economics Laboratory.

His researches have initially explored the economics of solar energy and the modelling of international energy markets. He then developed a world long term energy model, POLES, which is currently used by the European Commission and by different administrations and companies in Europe to analyse the economics of climate policies. He has been a lead author in IPCC’s Working Group 3 (collective Nobel Peace Prize in 2007). In the wake of the Paris Agreement, he is currently working on the monitoring of national Deep Decarbonization Pathways.

Member of the Economic Council for Sustainable Development by the French Minister of Ecology since 2008, he has been expert on Scenarios for the National Debate on Energy Transition (2013) and for the National R&D Strategy, on energy issues (2014). Since 2015, he is member of the Expert Committee for the Energy Transition. Also member of the scientific council of the Institut Français du Pétrole et des Energies Nouvelles and of the Fondation Nicolas Hulot, he has taught and teaches in different universities in France and abroad.