Pauline Brücker has been a research fellow at the Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDDRI) from 2011 to 2013. She has been part of the MobGlob ANR project, coordinated by Catherine Wihtol de Wenden (CNRS/CERI), researching on freedom of movement scenarios and impact on migration policies.

Graduated from a Research Master in Political Sociology, and a Master in International Public Law, both at Sciences Po Paris, she is specialized in sociology of migration and processes of migrants’ categorization. She has extensive experience and knowledge regarding internal and protracted displacement in the Middle East and Eastern Africa.

Her PhD focuses on forced migration in the Nile Region, especially Sudanese refugees’ movements to Egypt and Israel, and the evolution of asylum policies in both countries.

Her past researches focused on a critical approach to environmental migration as a socio-political object, through examination of normative protection gaps of environmentally displaced persons and the protection of human rights in times of natural disasters. She also pursued field researches on environmental migration related policy and legal challenges in Bangladesh.

She is an affiliated researcher at the Center for Migration and Refugee Study, at the American University of Cairo (AUC/CMRS), and a member of the Management Committee of the European Cooperation for Scientific and Technical research (COST) on "Climate Change and Migration".