Article written by Laura Brimont published in the 2017 edition of Baromètre des solutions durables.


Baromètre des Solutions durables is an aid to raise awareness and mobilize the general public, civil society, policy-makers and private sector stakeholders. It is the result of collective reflection by 22 NGOs, associations and organisations who share the belief that innovation will play a key role in achieving SDGs.

The 2017 edition of Baromètre des Solutions durables has chosen innovation as the gateway to a more sustainable world. Already a part of SDG 9, innovation can be further conceptualized as a truly inclusive process that is open to all fields of knowledge and know-how. To illustrate this dynamic, Baromètre des Solutions durables outlines innovative local initiatives such as e-health applications and the impact of social enterprises or partnerships in inequality-ridden areas.


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