Objectives of the Policy Dialogue

The event aims at investigating main gaps and opportunities in the context of the European Green Deal to enhance EU policy-making towards a Paris Agreement-compatible world. Based on these two research projects outcomes, it will be discussed on how the EU could strengthen its domestic and international efforts for a fair and effective transition towards carbon neutrality, in practice.

Draft Agenda

After a brief presentation of the two research projects and their main results, several discussion sessions will take place on the following topics:

  • Adequacy of the EU domestic response given the results, trade-offs and implications identified for sustainable pathways to low carbon societies:
  • Sectoral transformations (Transport, Buildings, Industry and Manufacturing, Energy, Agriculture, Financial system)
  • Governing the transition
  • EU in the world – what does the EU need from the rest of the world, and what could the EU offer to the global effort?
  • What do pathways show about EU dependence on other countries?
  • International governance and cooperation – perspectives from emerging economies

During the coffee and lunch breaks participants will have the chance to explore the Transition Pathways Explorer and related tools as well as to get more detailed information on the results of EUCalc and COP21 RIPPLES through exposed posters and policy briefs.

Further details on the agenda will follow soon.

Target audience

The Policy Dialogue is aimed at a broad cross section of policy players including academics, relevant commision officials/experts and other decision makers, interested in the contribution of the European Union in reaching the Paris Agreement and discussing various possible pathways and potential trade-offs in relation to the long-term strategies (LTS) and the potential linkage to the Green Deal.

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