A session of the monthly seminar 'Développement durable et économie de l'environnement'. From 12:30 to 2:00 pm. - Follow the seminar on twitter : #sddee


Under the Presidency of Fiji and hosted in Bonn from 6th to 17th November 2017, COP23 was marked by coalitions and voluntary initiatives: a coalition of twenty countries and announcements from the financial sector to accelerate the phasing out of coal; the strong presence of non-state actors from the US, particularly the California Governor Jerry Brown, and the philanthropist and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, to demonstrate the proactive approach of US civil society, despite Donald Trump’s announcement that the country will exit the Paris Agreement, etc. What does this mean? What progress on the rules of the Paris Agreement? What should be the next steps and priorities for the coming months, that will be marked by many meetings, starting with the One Planet Summit on 12th December in Paris?

Teresa Ribera, Michel Colombier and IDDRI’s Climate team will be happy to meet you to take stock of these two weeks and identify the key elements needed to strengthen climate ambition and engage in real transformation in all sectors.

The presentations will be followed by discussions with the audiences.