Date : 11:30am – 1pm, Room 9, Bonn Zone
Live broadcast on UNFCCC Climate Change Studio channel : click here

IDDRI, Climate Strategies, DIW Berlin

IDDRI and Climate Strategies have been leading a major international project that combines new research and stakeholder dialogue on the future of coal. Specifically in the lead up to the Facilitative Dialogue of 2018, this project explores the implications and aims to make policy recommendations for implementing coal transition strategies that are "+2°C-compatible" in six major producing and/consuming countries – China, India, South Africa, Australia, Germany and Poland. This event will present and discuss emerging insights from this project. It aims to show how coal transitions are already happening, what are their implications for different stakeholders (companies, workers, communities, governments, etc.), and to identify opportunities to accompany and accelerate coal transitions.


  • Henry Derwent (Climate Strategies)
  • Teresa Ribera (IDDRI)
  • Oliver Sartor (IDDRI)
  • Franziska Holz (DIW Berlin)
  • Chris Ballard (Minister of the Environment and Climate Change for the province of Ontario, Canada)