10am - 11:30am, EU pavilion (Bonn zone)

    Organisation: IDDRI, Climate Strategies

    The event will present recent work for the ongoing COP21 RIPPLES project, focused on low-carbon transition and socio-economic implications of the Paris Agreement and the role of international governance. The event will:

    • provide an overview of the project scope and objectives
    • discuss how to analyse the Paris Agreement outcomes, with focus on NDCs and how international governance can address sectoral transformation challenges
    • detail the core challenges and functions of international governance of climate mitigation, and what this means for the new strategic context of EU climate policy.


    • Henry Derwent (Climate Strategies)
    • Roberta Pierfederici (IDDRI)
    • Fabio Sferra (Climate Analytics)
    • Georg Zachmann, (Bruegel)
    • Sebastian Oberthür (IES-VUB)
    • Lukas Hermwille (Wuppertal Institut)
    • Wael Hmaidan (CAN International)