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A public debate organised by the European Parliament and the European Think Tanks Group (ETTG).

The conference addresses the new challenges faced by the EU, both globally and in its own neighbourhood. The increasing contestation of the current global order, rising inequalities associated with globalisation, conflict beyond the EU borders and continuing migration flows all conspire to create a growing perception of insecurity among EU citizens. Will these deep tendencies cause more conflict and further destabilisation of current economic and political models? Or can they be managed in ways which secure progress and sustainability for all?

With :

  • Linda McAvan, MEP Chair of DEVE
  • Simon Maxwell, ETTG Chairperson
  • Federica Mogherini, EU HRVP
  • Bill Gates, Co-Chair, BMG
  • James Mackie, Director ECDPM (member of ETTG),
  • Sébastien Treyer, director of programmes IDDRI (member of ETTG)
  • Anne-Birgitte Albrectsen (PLAN International)
  • Adebayo Olukoshi, ECDPM Chairperson and Director for Africa and West Asia, International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA)
  • Alex Thier, Executive Director of ODI (member of ETTG)
  • Nathalie Tocci, Director IAI (member of ETTG) o EP DEVE Rapporteur