Conference moderated by Jean Pisani-Ferry, President of I4CE


With less than thirty years left to achieve carbon neutrality and adapt to the consequences of climate change, these two massive and complex projects have only just been sketched out... and are almost absent from the political debate in this pre-presidential campaign period, beyond a few slogans or technological biases.

Although the "France 2030" plan, unveiled last October, clarifies the investments that the French State will make over the decade to help industry decarbonize, it is far from exhausting the question of the transition and its financing. However, all economic actors need visibility, and citizens have the right to know how the State will help them financially to ensure a transition that is fair for everyone and effective for all.

In order to call on all the presidential candidates to programme the investments they will make for the climate over the long term, Iddri, I4CE, the Jacques Delors Institute and OFCE are organizing a conference on December, 14. Other think tanks - Institut Montaigne, Fondapol, Terra Nova and Institut Rousseau - will participate to discuss their investment priorities and the major societal challenges that lie behind them.


  • 9:30 am: Welcome & Coffee
  • 10:00 am: Round table 1 - For a multi-annual programming of climate investments from 2022
    Four representatives from IDDRI (Lola Vallejo), I4CE (Benoît Leguet), the Jacques Delors Institute (Thomas Pellerin-Carlin) and OFCE (Xavier Timbeau) will present the conclusions of a new joint policy brief in which the four think tanks develop a long-term and transformative vision of public finance programming for the transition. 
  • 11:00 am: Round table 2 - Other think tanks' perspectives
    The proposals of the policy brief will be submitted to other experts who will bring their vision of the transformations to be carried out by 2030: 
    Marc-Olivier Padis, Director of Studies, Terra Nova
    Benjamin Fremaux, Senior Fellow, energy and climate, Institut Montaigne 
    - Dominique Reynié, Director of Fondapol
    Nicolas Dufrêne, Director of the Rousseau Institute
  • Participation of Laurence Tubiana, Founder of IDDRI, Director of the European Climate Foundation and member of the French High Council for the Climate