A consensus has emerged on the need to link economic recovery with the fight against climate change. In practice, this proves to be a sometimes delicate but always crucial exercise. 

  • How can public aid to companies be made conditional on reducing their carbon footprint?
  • What incentives should be strengthened to boost investment in carbon-free mobility, energy-efficient renovation of buildings or the transformation of agricultural production?
  • What financial means and tools should be mobilised to radically transform the emitting sectors?

France and the European Union have provided initial operational responses to these questions through their emergency plans, but other decisions must be taken in the coming weeks and months, through reconstruction plans or the European Commission's Green Deal.

In order to effectively and concretely combine economic recovery and climate objectives, the Institute for Climate Economics (I4CE), the Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDDRI) and the Jacques Delors Institute organised this webinar to discuss with their experts how to operate and implement "climate recovery" in France and Europe. The three think tanks presented their latest publications and proposals, and gave the floor to the German think tank Agora Energiewende to present the choices made by Germany.


  • Lola Vallejo, Director, Climate Programme, IDDRI, or Nicolas Berghmans, Senior Researcher, Climate and Energy, IDDRI, and Pierre-Marie Aubert, Coordinator of the European Agriculture Initiative, IDDRI
  • Hadrien Hainaut, Project Manager - Finance, Investment and Climate, I4CE
  • Thomas Pellerin-Carlin, Director, Jacques Delors Energy Centre; Researcher, European Energy Policy, Jacques Delors Institute
  • Murielle Gagnebin, Project Manager Energy Policy France-Germany, Agora Energiewende

An event moderated by Sébastien Treyer, Director, IDDRI.