Magnan A.K. , Anisimov A., Vallejo L. (2023). The added-value of expert judgment-based approaches to assess adaptation efforts (GAP-Track). In: Perspectives - Adequacy and effectiveness of adaptation in the Global Stocktake. A report by iGST-IIM-UNEP CCC. p. 48-64.

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IDDRI contributed to the flagship report of the Adaptation Working Group of the Independent Global Stocktake (iGST), published by the Copenhagen Climate Centre-United Nations Environment Programme. The report focuses on how to understand and measure “adequacy and effectiveness” in the UNFCCC Global Stocktake, and brings together 5 chapters to analyse both conceptual issues and assessment frameworks. In chapter 5, IDDRI's authors discuss the potential for the Global Adaptation Progress Tracker (GAP-Track) to input international policy discussions. They show that approaches based on expert judgment methods and that are developed outside of the UNFCCC arena could contribute with a depoliticized and cross-country perspectives that will be critical in the years and decades to complement other, more country-driven approaches and, ultimately, bring a fresh eye on what adequacy and effectiveness could mean in the context of the GST series.