Chris Bataille participated in this webinar organised by Resources for the Future (RFF), an independent, nonprofit research institution in Washington, DC.

An interdisciplinary team of experts has found that it is possible—and critical—to bring industrial GHG emissions to net zero by 2070. Their comprehensive study, published in March 2020 in Applied Energy, assesses the range of technologies and policy interventions available to enable global industry decarbonization.

This RFF Live event, hosted with four of the study’s coauthors, features presentations from the panelists, as well as a discussion on the technologies, innovation areas, and policies that can help achieve net-zero industrial emissions.

Speakers included: 

  • Chris Bataille, IDDRI, Simon Fraser University (Burnaby/ Vancouver, Cananda) 
  • Nan Zhou, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (California, USA), co-author of (IPCC)’s forthcoming Sixth Assessment Report, honorary professor in four Chinese universities
  • Jeffrey Rissman, Energy Innovation (San Francisco, California, USA) 

Moderated by Dallas Burtraw, Resources for the Future (RFF)

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