Sébastien Treyer participates in the 2020 Virtual Forum on Earth System Governance (semi-plenary session IV, September 16) organised from September 15 to 17 by Utrecht University and the Earth System Governance Project. 

This semi-plenary will focus especially on a human perspective, considering people and societies embedded within environmental contexts, and their relations to multiple forms of disruption unfolding over multiple timeframes (e.g. health, climate change, economic, social). In what ways is precarity enhanced and for whom? What possibilities emerge, if any, for addressing social inequalities and realising societal transformations oriented towards justice? How does such precarity and possibility differ for different social groups, within and between societies and nations? And what are the implications for governance across local to global scales? These questions will be interrogated by scholars from a range of perspectives, including global development, glocal politics, urban politics, and resource-dependent communities.

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