An intervention by Henri Waisman in a workshop with researchers and practitioners convened by Ferdi and CLUB-ER within the framework of the Initiative for Development and Global Governance (IDGM). Henri Waisman intervenes more specifically during session 5 of the event ("Developing a lean data approach to facilitate the collaborative aspect of mapping the impacts of decentralization"), whose programme for the second day is entitled "Impact assessment, a challenge for all and a key to the future of decentralised electrification projects and SDGs".

Presentation of the event

logoIDGM.pngFERDI & CLUB-ER joined forces to structure an advocacy for a better evaluation of the impact of decentralised electrification projects in Africa. We are convinced that progress in this area would be extremely useful for project promoters and donors, allowing for a better identification of good practices. In addition, they would contribute to accelerating the faster achievement of sustainable development objectives.

To this end, they are jointly organising a workshop to share best practices in impact assessment of decentralised electrification projects.

This workshop brings together rural electrification agencies, development aid agencies, project promoters and researchers, with two objectives:

  • share their practices in impact assessment of decentralised electrification projects;
  • Identify the most promising ways to collaboratively produce or improve the impact assessment of these projects in order to highlight and share these best practices with all stakeholders.

More information, agenda of the workshop and registration