Magnan A.K., Tanguy A., Vallejo L., Harris K., Davis M., Klein R. (2023). Assessing transboundary climate risks under the UNFCCC Global Stocktake. Adaptation Without Borders Discussion Brief, 03/2023.

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Key Messages

  • Overlooking the importance of Transboundary Climate Risks under the UNFCCC Global Stocktake will lead to an incomplete and inaccurate assessment of global progress towards the goals of the Paris Agreement. The nationally driven nature of the first GST, which will come to an end at COP 28, does not reflect the truly global nature of the adaptation challenge.
  • Building on interviews with policy and scientific experts, this Brief discusses the scientific, technical, political and procedural barriers to including Transboundary Climate Risks (i.e. climate impacts and maladaptation effects cascading across national borders) into the Global Stocktake, and advances proposals to overcome these barriers.
  • Four overarching recommendations are presented: a call for the development of an evidence base on observed and projected Transboundary Climate Risks; identification of the most relevant instrument(s) under the UNFCCC to report on progress towards addressing these risks; preparation of guidelines to support countries in such reporting; and calls for greater bilateral to international cooperation on Transboundary Climate Risks to ensure that global adaptation is just.