The 2015 edition of A Planet for Life reaches bookshelves in a landmark year for the world. A new development cooperation framework is being crafted while sustainable development goals (SDGs) are being laid out to address the 21st century’s most urgent sustainable development issues.

A Planet for Life provides first hand analysis and narrative of ongoing transformation and sustainable development challenges in key countries. It tours five continents to shed light on what countries and regions are actually doing to achieve sustainable development, tackling their own local – and global – problems, and exploring different pathways towards sustainability. It explores implementation issues and financing for development options more specifically, with an overview of key propositions for making sustainable development financing a lever to transform economies and societies.

A Planet for Life 2015
A Planet for Life 2015 - The dossier aims to cover both global issues and regional and national representative dynamics

The whole book is offered to download in pdf. You can also choose to read on line a selection of representative articles:

Regards sur la Terre

A Planet for Life is a publication on sustainable development, which combines the analyses of experts and practitioners from all over the world, giving the perspective of both Northern and Southern countries. Its principle: the diversity of observations. Since its creation in 2007, around 500 authors from all subject areas have contributed to it.

A Planet for Life was published every year in hard copy until 2015, each Annual focusing on a specific topic. In 2016, A Planet for Life has become a digital platform making available to everyone for free 10 years of expertise and analysis, as well as maps, agendas, etc. New issues are also regularly explored and presented online.

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A Planet for Life 2015

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