Riaño, M.-A., Boutaybi, J., Barchiche, D. & Treyer, S. (2022). Scaling Up Public Development Banks’ Transformative Alignment with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, Review of Political Economy, 34:2, 286-317. 



Public development banks (PDBs) can accelerate SDGs implementation, by coupling their leverage capacity with systemic and cross-cutting 2030 Agenda alignment practices that catalyse real transformations in their behaviours and investments. This new research assesses how PDBs — from different sizes and geographies — have interpreted and are including sustainable development priorities in their day-to-day discussions, processes and operations. It shows that most PDBs have the interest and willingness to take the necessary steps to mainstream SDG priorities into their strategies and operations. Nonetheless, findings suggest that both strategic and operational endeavours are at the early stages of alignment. Identified innovative practices by PDBs leading the way, should now be shared among their peers in a view of harmonisation and coherence, as a crucial prerequisite to a scaled-up alignment. As for governments, shareholders and other stakeholders, they should also contribute to this alignment endeavour by an enhanced political backing and support to PDBs.