Organisers: Amazon Environmental Research Institute (IPAM), Boticário Group Foundation for Nature Protection, Institute for Agricultural and Forest Management and Certification (Imaflora)

Brazil, the world's 7th GHG emitter, just elected a President who vowed to weaken environmental governance and drop off the Paris Agreement. His administration should implement Brazil's NDC 37% emissions reduction goal by 2025, focusng on land use change. How will it be affected by current politics?


  • Ane Alencar (Dir of Science, IPAM)
  • Carlos Rittl (Executive-secretary, Climate Observatory)
  • Marta Gunfaus (Snr researcher, IDDRI)
  • Thelma Krug (Vice-chair, IPCC; snr researcher, INPE)
  • Thiago Mendes (National Climate Change Secretary, Ministry of Environment of Brazil)