IDDRI is launching a research project on sanitation in developing cities. Starting from existing knowledge, initiatives and engagements, the hypothesis of this project is that the issues are more political than technical or financial. Considering that the challenges lie in local governance politics, the aim is to work to identify the institutional and political determinants that will enable the development of urban sanitation policies. The project is based on the activities of a multi-stakeholder (public, private, NGO, research) expert platform. A series of workshops will address various jointly identified themes (institutional organization, regulatory framework, political leadership, funding, etc.). The first workshop to launch the project aims to develop a shared assessment and to define a work plan.



  • IDDRI: Urban governance and essential services


  • IDDRI: Identification of actors and initiatives
  • pS-Eau: SuSanA & City-Wide Sanitation Initiative
  • GRET: Why a “Sanitation Handbook”?


  • Presentation of positioning and issues
  • Discussion of the framework paper DEFINITION OF THE WORK PLAN
  • Workshop themes ▪ Possible case studies
  • Valorization strategy