Sophie Dubuisson-Quellier is research professor at CNRS and Sciences Po, Paris and Deputy Director of the Centre de sociologie des organisations. She works in the field of economic sociology, conducting research on the social construction of markets. She analyses the way in which the economic behaviours of consumers are shaped by the intervention of firms, the State, and social movements. She has been working on ethical consumption, and on sustainable consumption public policies in France. She recently published Ethical Consumption (2013) and Gouverner les conduites (2016). Her papers have appeared in Social movement studies, Organization studies, Journal of consumer culture, International journal of consumer studies, Sociologia ruralis and in the Oxford handbook of political consumerism (2018) and the Sage handbook of consumer culture (2018). She is a member of the SCORAI International network, member of the Scientific advisory board of the French agency for the environment and of the French Climate change committee (Haut conseil pour le climat).