Governing global value chains to protect local environments


Local environment and world trade

The protection of our natural heritage must be considered in the light of globalisation. For example, 85% of palm oil produced in Malaysia, which is responsible for 80% of deforestation in this country, is exported and represents an important source of foreign income and employment for the country.

In this context, the organisation of counterpowers has also become global: confrontations and dialogues between international NGOs and transnational corporations have led to the multiplication of voluntary business initiatives and labels. This form of regulation has delivered improvements, but not (yet) on a sufficient scale. And the somewhat marginalised producer states have recently increased their resistance on the grounds of foreign interference that is undermining their objectives of growth and participation in international markets.

IDDRI’s action in this area aims to:

  • assist local authorities and donors in reconciling development strategies with those of biodiversity;
  • help NGO-business platforms identify new tools for action and new regulatory arrangements.
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