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"Many Parties to the UNFCCC claim that there is a need now to upscale efforts on adaptation and identify what a global adaptation goal should represent for the international community. However, it seems there is still a lack of a coherent and comprehensive treatment of adaptation in the context of UNFCCC1 negotiations, while this could enhance the opportunity for a more efficient and fair response to adaptation needs worldwide.

This paper intends to propose an overall structure for integrating adaptation into the 2015 agreement, with the aim to foster discussion and guide further definition of the different elements of this overall framework. It starts with the observation that the idea of a global adaptation goal has never been expressed as such, and thus not much has been done in terms of defining what a global adaptation goal may mean. As a consequence, the international community currently lacks a complete approach to achieve adaptation, in opposition to mitigation for which a global goal and a precise framework have been designed."

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