Background and issues

187 countries submitted ‘intended nationally determined contributions’ (INDCs) in the context of COP21. These contributions contain emissions, sectoral and policy targets. Much work has already been done in order to aggregate their effect in the light of the 2°C/1.5°C target.



The COP21 RIPPLES project, “COP21: Results and Implications for Pathways and Policies for Low Emissions European Societies” aims to analyse the transformations in the energy systems, and in the wider economy, that are required in order to implement the Paris Agreement (NDCs), and investigate what steps are needed to attain deeper, more ambitious decarbonisation targets, as well as the socio-economic consequences that this transition will trigger.

For the first time, the project will provide a detailed and thorough analysis of the adequateness, potential and barriers of international mitigation efforts in the perspective of the long-term climate target, and their repercussions for EU goals, policies, the challenges of the climate regime complex, and the role envisaged for the UNFCCC and the EU as a whole.
The project focuses on the EU, but also covers major non-EU emitting and global trends.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 730427

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