“SDGs in the international context”, introduction to the Comité 21 report, What is the level of appropriation of SDGs by non-State actors?, written by Damien Demailly.


[...] To governments, for instance, the SDGs, with their sheer number of targets and monitoring indicators, are an opportunity to help advance public action by introducing a more comprehensive set of indicators than solely economic indicators. As such, several countries (Finland, Norway, Estonia, Sierra Leone) have begun using the SDGs to identify their strengths, weaknesses, and priority areas to ensure better coordination between ministries and evaluate their national budgets. France is, for its part, in a stage of accelerated learning, as it is currently developing a strategy for the implementation of SDGs and mobilization of all stakeholders. It now remains to be seen if the next government makes it a priority. [...]

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  • Damien Demailly