High level seminar, organised by IDDRI under the auspices of the French minister for Higher education, Research and Innovation, December 11th 2017. In the framework of the 12.12 One Planet Summit, in partnership with FERDI, CIRAD and IRD.

Research, innovation and capacity building for development play an indispensable complementary role to the mobilisation of public and private investments for the necessary transition in all countries, for adaptation as much as for mitigation. They contribute both to the funding supply side and to the funding demand side.

Based on the assessment of potential and necessary roles for research, innovation and capacity building to design public and private funding strategies for climate and development, the participants of the high level workshop will identify key recommendations and innovative funding instruments and processes.

With: Hernan Carlino, Hernando José Gomez Restrepo, Ingrid Holmes, Zhao Jinjun, Johan Kuylenstierna, Nick Robins, Nicholas Stern, Laurence Tubiana et Madame la Ministre Frédérique Vial. 

By invitation seminar

Download the declaration signed by the seminar's participants