In spite of the fact that the agriculture and food sector is connected to climate change in many ways, agriculture and food systems used to be less central than other sectors in UNFCCC negotiations in the past. However, today, the majority of NDCs actually include agriculture, which reflects the importance of the close linkage between agriculture and climate change.

How to translate the pledged contributions into concrete actions in a sector that still lacks investment and consideration? How to ensure that their objectives are grounded in a long term transformation pathway towards resilience and decarbonisation of the national agriculture and food system?

In this context, we would like take the opportunity to invite you to a side event taking place at the COP22 in Marrakech. IDDRI and Biovision, together with the Uruguayan Ministry of Agriculture, will be pleased to present and discuss two concrete pilot projects that demonstrate how transformative pathways towards more resilient and sustainable agriculture can be planned, initiated and sustained in countries as diverse as Uruguay, Kenya and Senegal.


    • Teresa Ribera, Director, IDDRI
    • Marie-Hélène Schwoob, Research Fellow, Agriculture and Food Policies IDDRI
    • Maria Eugenia Silva Carrazzone, Research fellow at Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries of Uruguay
    • Bruno Ferraro, Research fellow at Instituto Nacional de Investigacion Agropecuaria of Uruguay
    • Konrad Meyer, Senior Policy Advisor, Biovision
    • Marin Herren, Project Manager, Biovision

    This side-event is organised by IDDRI and Biodivision.