A day organised by the Fondation pour la Recherche sur la Biodiversité (FRB – Foundation for Research on Biodiversity) in partnership with IDDRI, the French Ministry of Ecological and Inclusive Transition and the French Ministry of Research.

Climate change mitigation is largely based on the energy transition, in other words switching from carbon-based energy sources to renewable energy. This key national and European goal is generating technological developments and major investments. However, the infrastructure developed can have numerous unanticipated impacts on biodiversity, and in particular on ecosystem functioning. It is therefore now crucially important to reconcile the energy challenge with the need to protect biodiversity, which is essential to ensuring the future of humankind and safeguarding its wellbeing.

The aim of this event is to illustrate certain inconsistencies between the implementation of the energy transition and the integration of challenges associated with biodiversity, before demonstrating avenues for mobilising actors, citizens and policy makers as well as the contribution science can make to an ecological and inclusive energy transition.