October 27 (1:00-6:00) : Brussels (Museum of Natural Sciences)
October 27 (from 7:15) : Brussels (Université Libre de Bruxelles – Auditoire Chavanne)
October 28 (9:00-6:30) : Brussels (Museum of Natural Sciences)
October 29 (2:45-7:00) : Paris (Sciences Po - amphithéâtre Chapsal) An international conference organised by Université libre de Bruxelles (Brussels, Belgium) and IDDRI-Sciences Po (Paris, France).

Presentation :

"In [the] context of urgent debate [important controversies have sparked pungent criticism of the science of climate change both in the scientific world and in the media], the conference aims to unravel the form, content and actors of the controversies surrounding climate change.

- First, we will expose the scientific aspects of the debate on climate change, thus confronting points of convergence and divergence among various pieces of modern scientific evidence.
- Next, we will focus on the actors central to the controversies and compare various country cases (France, United Kingdom, United States, etc.). This segment of the conference will offer a look at the financial and organisational features of both sides of the dispute, with particular emphasis on the role of the IPCC.
- A third part of the conference will focus on the media representation of the climate controversies and the different reactions it triggers in the general public. Finally, the conference will question the effects of these climate controversies on public initiatives and will confront the viewpoints of representatives at various levels (European Union, national and state entities).
- The conference will then move to Paris, where two roundtables shall examine the linkages between ideological cleavages and scientific controversies, as well as the visual representation of these controversies. The first roundtable seeks to examine how scientific controversies match political cleavages in different countries. Do controversies stem from ideological oppositions, or do they create new political cleavages? The second roundtable will be devoted to the visualization and representation of these controversies in the public space: how does our perception of the problem influence the solution to address the problem?"


- October 27 (p.m.) and October 28 (Museum of Natural Sciences) : Mandatory registration (with participation fee) through website http://controversesclimatiques.eventbrite.com/#en

- October 27 (roundtable, ULB) : No registration is necessary (participation is free and open to all)

- October 29 (Paris) : Mandatory registration (participation is free) [information: elise.coudane@iddri.org] REGISTRATION IS CLOSED for October 29 in Paris

Language and translation:

Each participant will speak in her/his mother tongue (French or English). A simultaneous translation will be provided for the public roundtable "Climate, controversies and media" of October 27 at ULB (Brussels), as well as for the afternoon of October 29 at Sciences Po (Paris).

>> Find out more [conference website]

>> See the video of the first session : "Ideological and political cleavages"

>> See the video of the second session : "Visualisations and representations"