The 26th COP on climate change took place from October 31 to November 12 in Glasgow, under British Presidency. The first days of this annual meeting of the international climate community have been marked by numerous commitments made by States to increase their ambition in the fight against climate change, but also by various economic sectors. Is this enough? How is this reflected in the decisions taken at the end of the COP? Is the emerging energy and ecological transition credible, realistic, fair and inclusive, especially in terms of financing, as requested by the countries of the South? At the end of 15 days of negotiations, which answers are being offered to these questions which are both technical and socio-economic, but also fundamentally political?

During this webinar, IDDRI experts, Lola Vallejo (Director of the Climate Programme) and Sébastien Treyer (Executive Director), who both attended COP26 in Glasgow, analyzed progress made or blocking issues (in terms of climate change mitigation, adaptation, social inclusion or implementation in the real economy), and analyzeD the announcements made in terms of their ambition, transparency and accountability.