French speaking webinar without translation

COP28, held in Dubai from November 30 to December 12, ended with the adoption of several important texts for climate action. In particular, in the Global Stocktake decision, fossil fuels are clearly highlighted for the first time.

What is the significance of the words accepted and adopted by the international community? What to take away on issues such as adaptation, whose global objectives have also been adopted, the loss and damage fund, which has now been established, and the different climate finance pledges? 
Was COP28 the expected moment of truth?

On December 18, 2-3 pm, Sébastien Treyer, Director of IDDRI, and Lola Vallejo, Director of IDDRI's Climate Programme, took stock of this 28th Conference of the Parties on climate. This event has been moderated by Brigitte Béjean, IDDRI's Communication Director.