Feeding humanity, replacing fossils, storing carbon, sheltering biodiversity: the land, forests and fields, which have been weakened by climate change, are already under great pressure.
However, the ways to decarbonise the economy often involve increasing the use of soil and biomass, causing companies to wonder: how can these new needs be met?

The first tensions are appearing about the CAP, the exploitation of European forests is intensifying... It is better to anticipate other tensions: EpE (Entreprises pour l'environnement), in partnership with ADEME, BPI France, Caisse des Dépôts, CVT AllEnvi and IDDRI, opens the debate.

Hosted by Frédéric Denhez, ecologist and journalist, these exchanges will involve experts, companies, public authorities and representatives of civil society.

Sébastien Treyer took part in the first debate, on 30 November, around the question "Will there be biomass for everyone? » (from 00:35:19)

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