COP15 of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), to be held in Beijing, China, at the end of 2020, will be an important milestone in the history of international biodiversity governance. It should acknowledge the successes and failures of decades of international cooperation on biodiversity, and above all lay the foundations for a new global framework that will contribute more strongly to the profound socio-economic transformations needed to halt biodiversity loss. After COP14, held at the end of 2018 in Egypt, a race against time is now underway: an intense agenda of international consultations, negotiations and mobilizations will occupy the next two years, within the framework of the CBD and in different arenas outside the CBD (civil society, other environmental conventions, forum on Sustainable Development Goals, etc.)

During this session of the Sustainable Development and Environmental Economics Seminar (SDDEE), the panelists will analyse the challenges related to the renewal of international biodiversity governance, and will propose a deciphering of the timetable for the next two years and its main deadlines. Panelists  will include two personalities very involved in the heart of these processes:

  • Marine Braud, head of green diplomacy at WWF France
  • Didier Babin, team leader of the post-2020 project on international biodiversity governance at Expertise France

The debate will be moderated by Aleksandar Rankovic, IDDRI Senior Adviser.