Initiated by Fiji and Sweden, the United Nations Conference on the Implementation of the Ocean SDG (SDG 14) will take place in New York from 5 to 9 June 2017.

It will bring together representatives of states, international organisations, research centers, foundations, donors, NGOs and the private sector - all concerned with the future of the marine environment.

Organized around plenary sessions, partnership dialogues focused on the different targets of the SDG 14 and side events, the conference will lead to the adoption of a "Call to action", to a report summarizing the partnership dialogues and a list of voluntary commitments for the implementation of the Ocean SDG.

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Side event organized by IDDRI:

"Towards a regional strategy to combat pollution from offshore oil and gas activities in Western Africa"
Friday, 9 June, from 1.15 pm to 2.30 pm, Conference Room 12

An event organised by IDDRI, the Secretariat of the Abidjan Convention, the Regional Partnership for Coastal and Marine Conservation in West Africa (PRCM), the MAVA Foundation and the Republic of Senegal.

>> the side event on the conference website