For several years, court litigation for the environment and the climate is increasing worldwide, using all available legal tools, both national and international. The number of cases is rising, impacting on various countries: the Netherlands, France, Pakistan, the United States... Climate and environmental issues are becoming a people’s cause, and are being transferred to the national courts, based on the constitutions and fundamental laws of each country as a basis for the litigation.

It seems that the recourse to justice is now a necessary tool to overcome the shortcomings of administrations and policies regarding environmental protection and the fight against climate change.
To what extent do these legal actions reflect a new form of citizen mobilization in favour of the environment and the climate? Are they an effective way to respond to deficiencies in environmental protection and climate action?
Does this contentious weapon only serve as a deterrent, or is it now a real resource for the implementation of environmental and climate law?

Two speakers will discuss these issues:

  • Marta Torre-Schaub, Director of Research at the CNRS, Director of the Climate Change and Law Network
  • Marine Denis,Advocacy Officer "Notre affaire à tous" (Our shared responsibility)

Moderation by Damien Barchiche, Director of the Sustainable Development Governance programme, IDDRI.

A Make it Work accredited event, an initiative of Sciences Po.