Lola Vallejo is participating in this roundtable, organised on the occasion of COP24's Law and Climate Governance Day.

Organisers: the Universities Network for Climate Capacity (UNCC), the International Law Association (ILA), the CISDL, the African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS), International Network of Climate Change Centres
of Excellence & Thinktanks for Capacity Building (INCCCETT4CB), the World Bank Climate Law Community of Practice & the IUCN World Commission of Enviro Law (IUCN & WCEL).

What are the gaps and obstacles to building qualified personnel to respond to climate change, what are the opportunities & innovations for policy, strategy and institutions? How to prepare the way for careers that don’t yet
exist? Can policy research and training institutions collaborate, world-wide, to strengthen capacity for climate law & governance? What is the new research & education agenda, and how to support in-country expertise, world-wide?

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