Building consistent long-term pathways for the low-carbon future of the passenger transport sector and making them comparable in a transparent manner are key challenges for structuring productive public debates.

Key Messages

  • Most existing visions, proposed by different communities of stakeholders, provide partial but complementary visions of the future of the passenger transport sector. These visions need to be confronted with each other in a consistent manner to support a meaningful policy debate.
  • Building a consistent dialogue between these visions requires revealing underlying physical and socioeconomic transformations, corresponding actions in a given time period, and interacting effects on other national priorities.
  • To operationalize an open and consistent dialogue for all stakeholders and their visions, a structured comparison framework informing all the main transformations and public questions is needed, as well as a tool to structure and ensure a fair and transparent debate. The Deep Decarbonization Pathways Building and Comparison tool developed by members of the DDP network offers a methodology and framework for such an approach in the passenger transport sector.
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