Rüdinger, A. (2023). Accélérer la transition énergétique dans un contexte de crise : une mise en perspective des enjeux associés. In Responsabilité et Environnement, « L'Électricité dans la transition énergétique », N°109, janvier 2023, Les Annales des Mines.

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France and Europe are going through an unprecedented energy crisis, which began in September 2021 and was considerably amplified by the war in Ukraine. This crisis is a painful reminder of our dependence on imported fossil fuels (which cover 65% of final energy consumption in France and 70% in Europe). The political response to this crisis has so far focused mainly on short-term management of the economic and social emergency, and therefore neglected the necessary acceleration of low-carbon transition policies, which are however our main lever of resilience in the face of current and future crises. Starting with an overview of the current crisis and its political management at the French level, this article provides an overview of some of the issues related to the acceleration of the development of electric renewable energies in France, with an emphasis on the need for better ownership and territorial integration of the projects considered.